Uploading a termbase

You can upload a termbase and indicate the source language and target language. The termbase is then applied to all assignments for this language combination.
An existing termbase can be modified/adjusted. The modified termbase is then applied to all commands for this language combination.
If a word from the termbase appears in the source text, it is suggested to the translator during translation. The termbase takes precedence over the translation memory.

Uploading a termbase 
1. Go to your Fairlingo profile and choose 'Settings' (figure 1)
2. At left, you see a menu. Choose 'Translation memories' (figure 2)
3. Press te green button 'Create new' at the section 'Termbase' (figure 3)
4. Enter the details of the termbase (figure 4)
5. Submit termbase by pressing the green button 'Create new' at the bottom of the page (figure 5)



Figure 1



Figure 2



Figure 3



Figure 4



Figure 5

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