How does translation work?

2: You can find the assignment on your dashboard (see figure 1)
3: Click on the assignment to start translating (see figure 2)
4: While you're translating, mind the quality, layout, translation memory and the deadline
5: Translate the text, send the translated text for revision and confirm (see figure 3 and 4)
6: Keep in mind that you can adjust your translation per page, until you have pressed the 'submit & finish button. After submitting, you can't make any adjustments anymore.
7: After you’ve sent the text, the text will be revised by another translator. You can follow the status on your “dashboard”.
8: After the translation has been completed, you can find it at “your finished orders”, along with an overview of your earnings, review, errors found and feedback when provided.
Quality rules 
  • A small amount is deducted from the translator's pay for each mistake
  • A translation can be rejected if an assignment has been translated poorly. If the revisor rejects your translation batch, another translator will take over the assignment and you won't get paid. You will still be paid for the work you've already done, provided it has been given a positive rating. So keep in mind that, if you translate a lot of batches in advance, the revisor could potentially reject more of your translation.
  • A translation batch contains approximately 300 words (depending on the length of the paragraph).
 Figure 1

 Figure 2
 Figure 3

During translation/revision
If you are finished (after finishing you can't edit the text anymore)
Figure 4
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