How do I choose the right difficulty level of the text when placing an order?

As a client, you can choose among three difficulty levels: basic, regular and specialist. Every text will be given a high-quality translation. The difficulty level of the text is used to select the right translators for the job.

When to choose which level:

For general texts that contain few to no specific terms, but do require a proper translation. Examples include product descriptions, FAQ's, and manuals. The text is pre-translated by sophisticated translation software. Then, the text is thoroughly revised by a native speaking translator.

The text contains some specific terminology, but an experienced translator with a good dictionary will be able to do a stellar job. Examples include website content, brochures and newsletters.

These are highly specialist texts that can only be translated by people with a technical, legal or medical background. Contracts, specialized reports and complex manuals, for instance.

What if I select a level that’s too low for the text?

It might be tempting to go for a lower rate. However, translators might not accept the assignment, they might take longer, or the quality simply won’t be up to your standards. We strongly recommend that you assess the difficulty of your text so our translators can deliver the best possible translation.

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