What are the earnings and pay deductions?


Translation & revison

For every translated word
Assignment level regular: € 0.03
Assignment level specialist: € 0.06

For every revised word
Assignment, level basic (post-edit): €0.02
Assignment level regular: € 0.01
Assignment level specialist: € 0.011

For Translation Memory words

Translator (all levels): €0,007

Revisor (all levels): €0,003

For more information about Translation Memory, read this article.


Pay deductions
For every spelling/grammatical correction in your paid translation: deduction of € 0.10.
A maximum of 30% of the amount you would have been paid can be deducted for errors. Your text may be rejected if it does not meet our quality requirements. 


Repeat segments
In order to speed up and improve the consistency of our translations, we use a translation memory. If a segment has already been translated before, either in a previous assignment or in the current one, these translations will be suggested during translation. This also means you won't have to translate those segments a second time. These repeat segments are deducted from the text you will get paid for. The number of repeat segments is shown in the overview where it also shows you what you can earn with the assignment (figure 1).


Explanation overview (figure 1)
Repeat segments: These are the repeat segments that were found in the assignment in question.
Segments from translation memory: These are segments that have already been translated for this client at some point.


What is a segment?
Segments can be sentences, paragraphs or sentence-like units (headings, titles or elements in a list). Separate articles (such as ‘the’ or ‘a/and’) are not seen as a segment.

All earnings are exclusive of VAT. Depending on your situation, VAT may be added to the total amount.




Figure 1









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