How does a priority translation work?

When a customer requests a priority translation, they specify the desired deadline up front. A notification for the assignment is then sent to the translators. You recognise these jobs by the label 'priority' (figure 1). Here, you will see the desired deadline chosen by the customer. If you can meet the deadline, you can accept the assignment (figure 2). Translators have one hour to accept, and once a translator is available the customer has to confirm the assignment within another hour. You can then start the assignment. For these assignments, you will receive a 25% priority bonus on top of your earnings.

Note: only accept a priority translation when you are sure you can meet the deadline! The client counts on receiving the translation no later than the deadline.

What happens if the deadline of a priority translation is not met?

If you do not meet the deadline of a priority translation, it is extremely inconvenient for the client. That is why we are strict about meeting these deadlines. If you fail to meet the deadline of a priority job, your account will be blocked for a week. If you then fail to meet the deadline for another priority translation, we will be forced to end the collaboration.




Figure 1: label 'Translate (Priority)' in green



Figure 2: example of a priority translation notification via e-mail

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