How can I accept a translation or revision job

Via e-mail
If there are assignments available, you will automatically get notified by e-mail (if you have enabled this in your account settings).

The title of the e-mail (figure 1) we send is 'New assignments are available'. In that e-mail you will find a link which you can press to accept the available assignment. Be quick! Because the e-mail will be send to all translators that are suitable for the level and languages chosen.

Via your Fairlingo account
All assignments are emailed to suitable translators every 2 hours based on language pair and the difficulty of the text. But you can also take on the assignments before those times. Just sign into your account and look for open assignments at the ''find translation jobs'' page (figure 2). You have to open the order and press the ''accept this assignment'' button (figure 3) to get the job assigned. Assignments are given on a first come, first served basis. So you can get more work by acting fast.



Figure 1

Figure 2


Figure 3 



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