What are the earnings for a sworn translation?

For every translated page
Per page: €45,-

Registered mail compensation
Per sworn translation: €9,10

Explanation per page
Based on the digital source file

Why a price per page?
We use a price per page because we often receive scanned source files from our clients, which means we are unable to automatically determine the word count online. The average assignment for sworn translations is about 197 words per page. This means the price per word comes down to about 22 cents. If you believe the converted price per word is too low for a specific assignment, you can always decide not to take the assignment.

Pay deductions and level system does not apply
The level system and pay deduction for spelling corrections and the reject option do not apply to sworn translations (only for normal translations).

All earnings are exclusive of VAT. Depending on your situation, VAT may be added to the total amount.

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