How does the orderprocess for sworn translation work?

How does sworn translation work? 

2: You can find the assignment at your dashboard after you accept it (see figure 1)
3: Click on the assignment to start translating (see figure 2)
4: The deadline and files for translation are displayed (see figure 3)
5: Translate the documents according to the NGTV guidelines for sworn translations
6: Translate the text and upload only the translated file (see figure 3)
7: Send the sworn translation, attached to a copy of the original text, to the client by registered mail. The address is displayed on the page after you upload the translation. Also enter the bar code you receive as a confirmation from the postal company. (see figure 4)
8: After the translation has been completed, you can find it under “your finished orders”, along with an overview of your earnings.

Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3


Figure 4


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