How does the translation deadline work?

How the deadline is determined
In order to calculate the deadline, we assume you can translate 1250 words per 24 hours with a maximum of 5000 words per 24 hours for standard translations. 

Where can I find the deadline?
Under ‘find order’, you will see every assignment that you can accept, including the deadline. This deadline is final. Once you have accepted the assignment, you will be able to see the deadline there as well (figure 1).

It is important that you remain on schedule with your translation
The client usually has a deadline for the assignment. When you are working on the translation, the deadline is listed above the assignment (figure 2). Fairlingo also tells you the amount of words you should be translating every day. If you haven't started translating within 12 hours after accepting the assignment, you will receive a reminder via e-mail. If you haven't translated and submitted any word after 24 hours, the assignment will be cancelled and given to another translator. If you miss the final deadline after 24 hours (by not submitting at least 1250 words), you will only get paid for the work you did submit and that has already been revised at the Fairlingo platform, so make sure you remain on schedule with your translation.

Time zone
The deadline is in your local time zone.



Figure 1


Figure 2

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